About us (ENGLISH)

As a state licensed Internet service provider to individual customers and to business customers, we can provide ultra-fast Internet connections up to 1Gb/sec. Using our in-house staff we already provide “last mile“ connections in Kiev to the cable networks of internet backbone providers. We are now expanding by building and extending our own optic fibre network to provide such Internet services to more customers and communities in Kiev and the Kiev region.

Together with Internet service we are happy to provide our customers with more then 200 channels of HD quality IPTV with help of Multicast technology. Fiber optic cable and GPON technology gives wide possibilities to our customers. Main possibility — is to use high speed Internet with many additional services and content on speed up to 1 Gbit/sec.

We are therefore familiar with internet-related matters, and can provide advice and services on all aspects related to internet provision and its uses. This ranges from provision of free unrestricted international calls using internet telephony, satellite, cable supply of content, and many other facilities that become possible with ultra-fast internet services


Of particular interest to international companies is the fact that, if they locate into our offices or subscribe to our relevant internet services they could then have unrestricted free international phone calls via the internet.

Our hosted PB is an IP PBX that is located in the cloud in the operator’s servers. Customer can install it without PBX software, and phone wires no needed. Hosted PBX operates only on the basis of the existing network and allows our customer to take his office anywhere in the world.

Our hosted PBX services allows to:

  1. get phone services installed in your office in 5 minutes
  2. connect to several offices with one network
  3. move your office anywhere without changing numbers
  4. save on the services of a telephone specialist
  5. save up to 90% on outgoing calls with virtual (DID) numbers
  6. start a call center on a tight budget
  7. connect multichannel virtual numbers in any city in the world
  8. forward calls in and out of the office
  9. receive calls from our website via widget — it’s free.

Optinet extensive experience and technological base guarantee the highest quality.